ASCO Aluminum Supply Company, Inc.

ASCO Certifications

Aluminum Supply Company is proud to be recognized for its distinctive ownership, size, services, and location. ASCO holds these certifications:

ISO 9001:2015


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ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Quality

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Women's Business Enterprise

Nationally certified

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Detroit Business Certifications

DBE- Detroit Based Enterprise

DBB- Detroit Based Business

DHB- Detroit Headquartered Business Enterprise

DSB- Detroit Small Business

WBE- Women-Owned Business Enterprise

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Wayne County Certifications

CBE- County Based Enterprise

FEP- Fair Employment Practice

TGCE- Targeted Growth Community Enterprise

SBE- Small Business Enterprise

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DBE- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

MDOT Certified on behalf of all Michigan Unified Certification Program (MUCP) partering agencies.

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Maryland Department of Transportation

MBE- Minority Business Enterprise

DBE- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise